Integrated Annual Report 2020

The Integrated Annual report 2020 was prepared as an attempt to best communicate to stakeholders the company’s sustainability strategy, priorities and performance in 2020 ensuring a high level of transparency through a third-party assurance.

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Our products

Zlatna Panega Cement AD is one of the biggest manufacturers of cement and concrete mixes in Bulgaria. Our products are a guarantee for high-quality building materials.

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Along with the introduction of best technology practices, care for environmental protection and restoration, social commitment and efforts towards safe and healthy working conditions, TITANBulgaria has always been a company open to innovative solutions and projects.

In December 2015, after passing the licensing procedure of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, Zlatna Panega Cement AD received a License for electricity trade. This endeavor complements the company's core business, not only providing it with an alternative option for the direct purchase of electricity for its own needs but also allowing it to conduct cross-border electricity transactions with the TITAN Group plants throughout the region.

As a result of hard work, responsible attitude and professionalism, just one year after the issuance of the Electricity Trading License, Zlatna Panega Cement AD met the requirements of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission for a Balancing group coordinator. Thus, the company has expanded its business scope into the electricity sector, which will help its more independent and secure position as a participant in the electricity market.

Since September 2016, Zlatna Panega Cement AD successfully trades on the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange, therefore contributing to more efficient management of energy consumption and reduction in the part of electricity costs.

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