Welcoming of newly appointed labor inspectors to Zlatna Panega Cement AD

On May 30th and 31st 40 newly appointed inspectors by the General Labour Inspectorate, Executive Agency (GLI EA) visited Zlatna Panega Cement AD.


Integrated Annual Report 2020

The Integrated Annual report 2020 was prepared as an attempt to best communicate to stakeholders the company’s sustainability strategy, priorities and performance in 2020 ensuring a high level of transparency through a third-party assurance.

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Our products

Zlatna Panega Cement AD is one of the biggest manufacturers of cement and concrete mixes in Bulgaria. Our products are a guarantee for high-quality building materials.

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Good corporate governance is a pre-requisite for achieving outstanding business results and sustainable development. It is an important part of integrating best practices into all our activities. We adhere to international and European standards in this area.

Zlatna Panega Cement AD is a trading company with one-tier corporate governance system. The Board of Directors includes five members and currently consists of:

Alexander Chakmakov – Chаirman of the Board of directors

Adamantios Frantzis -Chief Executive Officer

Christos Panagopoulos– Regional Director for Bulgaria and Turkey

Lukas Petkidis– Regional Chief Financial Officer, Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

Konstantinos Derdemezis - Regional Director, Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

Several committees operating in different areas strengthen TITAN Bulgaria’s management system:

Management Committee

The Management Committee periodically reviews the participation and supervises the progress of the activities of all sub-committees. It is responsible for the direct dissemination of information among employees and for making quick decisions on key issues.

Investment Committee (CapEx Committee)

Main responsibility of this Committee is to review and prepare all Zlatna Panega Cement AD investment projects for their presenting before the TITAN Group CapEx Committee.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

The CSR Committee is responsible for all projects related to health and safety, human resources development, training activities, relationships with academia and local professional schools, environmental policies, biodiversity, water management, alternative fuels as well as the utilization of EU funds and other donor funds for the implementation of CSR activities.

Corporate Communications Committee

The Committee establishes and develops policies for communication with our internal and external stakeholders. It also ensures the implementation of good communication practices through the use of communication channels with proven effectiveness.

Procurement Committee

Its scope of activities includes the development of policies, standards, and systems to enhance the image and increase the capacity of TITAN Bulgaria, managing and documenting the relationships with contractors and suppliers, as well as controlling activities related to the company's participation in public procurements, adhering to EU standards for supply chain management.

Central Safety Committee

This Committee supports the strategic implementation of safe workplace practices in TITAN Bulgaria. As an integral part of the management line, the Committee is engaged in developing effective business processes promoting the safety policies of TITAN Group.

Occupational Health Committee

The main priority of this Committee is to ensure implementation and strict adherence to our health policies by employees and stakeholders.

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