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28.04 2015

Celebration of April 28th - International Day of the Occupational Health and Safety in 2015

Zlatna Panega Cement AD hosted the meeting for the International day of the occupational health and safety in 2015 which was organized by Foundation Center for Occupational Health and Safety. The hosts were chosen because of the company’s first place in the contest for good practices in the Annual competition for occupational health and safety in 2015.

12.05 2014

Zlatna Panega Cement AD Hosts Young Firefighter 2014

On May 12th2014 Zlatna Panega Cement AD was the host of the regional competition for young firefighting teams “Young Firefighter”. This is a common initiative of the Lovech Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Civil Protection”, the Regional Education Inspectorate, Yablanitsa Municipality and Zlatna Panega Cement AD.

20.12 2013

TITAN Bulgaria Wins Award for Comprehensive OH&S Policy

National Awards for Occupational Health and Safety were given out onDecember 20at a formal ceremony atHotel ImperialinPlovdiv.

The event was attended by the Bulgarian Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mr. Hasan Ademov, his deputies, Mrs. Svetlana Dyankova and Mr. Lazar Lazarov, the Executive Director of the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency, Mrs. Rumyana Mihaylova, and the Agency’s regional directors.

09.12 2013

TITAN Bulgaria Celebrates 4 Years without Occupational Injury

Dear Colleagues,

We are proud that today (December 9, 2013)TITAN Bulgaria celebrates four years without an occupational injury.

We achieved this impressive result thanks to all of you who realized that complying with occupational health and safety rules is crucial to protecting your own life and that of your colleagues.

12.11 2013

TITAN Bulgaria Publishes Article on Health and Safety at Work

TITAN Bulgaria’s Occupational Health and Safety Department develops safe work practices that are applied successfully at our cement plant in the village of Zlatna Panega to realize our goal of “zero accidents”.

To make popular one of our most successful practices – our Permit to Work (PTW) system – we published an article in Caring for the People magazine of the Occupational Health and Safety Centre Foundation.

01.11 2013

TITAN Bulgaria Hosts Occupational Health and Safety Meeting

On November 11, 2013, TITAN Bulgaria hosted a meeting of the delegates to the General Assembly of the National Association for Health and Safety at Work. The meeting was entitled Ways to Create a Positive Culture of Health & Safety at Work and was attended by health and safety managers who had the chance to see for themselves TITAN Bulgaria’s approach to creating and sustaining a positive culture of health and safety at work and in life.

15.12 2012

Announcement for Participation in the National Contest for Occupational Health and Safety in 2012

For a third year in a row the company “Zlatna Panega Cement” AD has been nominated for the National rewards for occupational health and safety. The contest has been organized by the Executive Agency “General Labour Inspectorate” and aims to encourage the activities, related to prevention and control of the work related risk by actively involving all stakeholders.

04.09 2012

1000 Days without an Incident

1000 days without an incident

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