Zlatna Panega Cement AD Hosts Young Firefighter 2014


On May 12th2014 Zlatna Panega Cement AD was the host of the regional competition for young firefighting teams “Young Firefighter”. This is a common initiative of the Lovech Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Civil Protection”, the Regional Education Inspectorate, Yablanitsa Municipality and Zlatna Panega Cement AD. The competition was the final stage of the municipal schools competitions which aims to build fire safety culture in the students.

The company has provided both the equipment for the competition as well as a suitable place on the territory of the plant for the event. The five best local school teams from Lovech, Troyan, Teteven, Lukovit, and Yablanitsa participated in the final regional competition. That made altogether fifty students, 5thto 8thgraders, properly equipped and with the suitable PPE along with their trainers and teachers

The time of the competition allowed some of the employees to be an audience of the event. Some of the participants in the teams were children of the company’s employees which made the competition even more emotional.

The competition consisted of 2 races. The winners were the students from Troyan elementary school “Ivan Hadjiiski”, the second place was for the team of the school in Teteven and the third place was for the team of Lovech students.

The rewards, cups, and certificates, were given by Mr. Constantinos Nikolaou, Company Plant Manager, Mr. Katsarski, Head of Lovech Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Civil Protection”, Mr. Nachev, Head of the Regional Education Inspectorate and the deputy mayor of Yablanitsa Municipality. For all participants, there was a gift – a hat with the logo of Zlatna Panega Cement. The plant manager announced that all the equipment used in the competition would be given to the school in Yablanitsa which could help the children train more and be better prepared for fire safety.

The day finished with lunch for all participants in the canteen of the plant.

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