Celebration of April 28th - International Day of the Occupational Health and Safety in 2015


Zlatna Panega Cement AD hosted the meeting for the International day of the occupational health and safety in 2015 which was organized by Foundation Center for Occupational Health and Safety. The hosts were chosen because of the company’s first place in the contest for good practices in the Annual competition for occupational health and safety in 2015.

Guests of the event were H&S officers and representatives of companies from all over Bulgaria who are members of the twelve Clubs of the H&S officers at the Foundation Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

The first part of the program included presentation by eng. Milen Stanoev, plant manager of Zlatna Panega Cement AD who presented shortly the plant’s history, the good H&S practices as well as the main achievements and the development perspectives of the plant. The guests were shown the commitment of the management and the different ways for achieving the zero accidents in the occupational health and safety policy and for achieving and maintaining the best possible safe and healthy work environment. Eng. Stanoev and his colleagues, the heads electrical and mechanical maintenance as well as H&S department demonstrated in the presentation the results of the implemented good practices: Permit to work, LOTOTO / Lock out – Tag out – Try out, Incident reporting, DuPont’s Step change project, procedure for work with contractors, H&S training system which includes weekly, monthly and specialized annual training of all employees covering large variety of speakers and subjects related to the protection of the health, the impact of the work related factors and the relevant mitigation measures. The guests were also given information materials, prepared in the plant, which are being used for safety inductions and H&S trainings.

During the second part of the visit in the plat eng. Violeta Vasileva, BU H&S manager, and eng. Veselina Kirilova, H&S department head, showed the guests the results of the implemented H&S practices. The guests visited all departments along the production line and saw the renewal of the production process and the new automated effective systems which are replacing the old equipment and machinery. The plant is no longer using the old, noisy, less effective cement mills and works with mills of a higher level thus reducing the main risks. There are also changes towards creating safe work conditions in the area of transporting of raw materials as well as in the transport of the ready product.

The day was celebrated by all employees, contractors and visitors by wearing a sticker which commemorates April 28th as the International day of the occupational health and safety by committing to work safely and to protect their own health and the health of their colleagues.

Zlatna Panega Cement keeps looking for new and diverse H&S practices and works with the idea that this is good for all and that’s why they are always willing to share their experience.

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