TITAN Bulgaria Publishes Article on Health and Safety at Work


TITAN Bulgaria’s Occupational Health and Safety Department develops safe work practices that are applied successfully at our cement plant in the village of Zlatna Panega to realize our goal of “zero accidents”.

To make popular one of our most successful practices – our Permit to Work (PTW) system – we published an article in Caring for the People magazine of the Occupational Health and Safety Centre Foundation.

The Caring for the People magazine reaches health and safety experts at many companies operating in various sectors of the Bulgarian economy and provides information on how to boost a company’s key performance indicators for health and safety at work. The article presents the nature of the Permit to Work system and the steps for its implementation with particular focus on its most important aspect: the Lock out, Tag out and Try out (LOTOTO) system.

The article is yet another proof that TITAN Bulgaria’s safety culture could serve as an example of commitment to health and safety for many companies.

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