Announcement for Participation in the National Contest for Occupational Health and Safety in 2012




For a third year in a row the company “Zlatna Panega Cement” AD has been nominated for the National rewards for occupational health and safety. The contest has been organized by the Executive Agency “General Labour Inspectorate” and aims to encourage the activities, related to prevention and control of the work related risk by actively involving all stakeholders.On 14.12.2012 “Zlatna Panega Cement” AD received the first reward in the category Companies with personnel up to 250 people. The prize was given personally to the General Manager, Mr. Alexander Chakmakov by the Minister of the Labour and Social Policy, Mr. Totyu Mladenov.

The participation in the contest was predetermined by the accomplishment of the main commitment of the plant – to create such labour conditions which can be as guarantee that all workers, who produce the cement, will go home safe and sound. This has been declared in the Company’s Health and Safety Policy where the main goal is to have zero work related incidents and to provide safety and good health for the employees.

In this year the health and safety priorities were as follows:

• Constant control of the labour conditions;

• Applying the recent science and technical achievements;

• Minimizing the work related risks;

• Constant care of the training and increasing of the personal interest and motivation of the employees;

• Striving to help all stakeholders and any concerned party who might need the advice and the experience of the plant.

Among the applied good practices was also the initiative for training in Health and Safety of pupils in the elementary schools. H&S department has prepared a short movie “Safety at school” which was presented to 120 students from 5 schools in the immediate community. At the end of all meetings the children had a test as a game and were given some materials regarding safety. As a result we had very good communication; we saw increased interest in the children and the students and had them ask many questions regarding health and safety.

Unusual interest was evoked by the contest for Safety Slogan for the employees of “Zlatna Panega Cement” AD. 120 of them participated and submitted their ideas of a slogans. All slogans are done as banners and posters and are placed all over the plant. Six of the participants were rewarded with a seaside weekend.

2012 was the year of the changes. By the end of November we have reached 1.5mln hours or 1100days without a lost time incident. We have improved our main key performance indicators such as safety audits, near miss reporting, permits to work as well as health and safety trainings.

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