Zlatna Panega River Fish Stocking


On 28th April 2016, in the spirit of last year’s initiative of Zlatna Panega Cement AD and “The Old Otters” Fisher Club, Zlatna Panega River fish stocking was conducted by volunteers of the Fisher club.

Ten thousand baby fish of the valuable and endangered Balkan trout (Salmo trutta fario) species were released into the river. The fish were bought from “Toshkov Chark” Trout Farm in the town of Batak. They were transported to Zlatna Panega River in plastic bags with oxygen. After tempering (placing the bags in still water to achieve a gradual change in temperature), two teams carried out the displacement of the fish in the afternoon. The origin of the planted fish is guaranteed by a Declaration of origin for aquaculture products.

The representatives of “The Old Otters” Fisher Club expressed their gratitude for the sponsorship provided by Zlatna Panega Cement AD and appealed to all anglers to put back the fish caught and care about the cleanliness of the river.

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