Zlatna Panega River Annual Cleaning


On 25th March 2016, on the occasion of the World Water Day, took place the annual spring cleaning of Zlatna Panega River organized by Zlatna Panega Cement JSC.

The event, which is part of the corporate social responsibility program of the company, drew a lot of interest and brought together many volunteers from various organizations and institutions. Among the participants removing litter from the banks and bed of the Zlatna Panega River were 50 students and teachers from the local schools in Zlatna Panega, Rumyantsevo and Lukovit, employees of the Nature Department of Pleven Regional Historical Museum, The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe – Bulgaria and representatives of “The Old Otters” Fisher Club. Employees of “PEPO-2000” and “Invest-M” assisted the volunteers.

Thanks to the motivation of all participants267 sacks of combustible and 60 sacks of non-combustible waste were collected. The waste was transported to the installation for production of processed engineered fuel of the cement plant to be utilized in the cement kilns.

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