„Travelling School of Karst“– А Partnership between TITAN Bulgaria and BAS


In September 2017, TITAN Bulgaria supported for the second time the initiative „Travelling School of Karst’’ of the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography (NIGGG) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as the plant in the village of Zlatna Panega was included in the project program. During their plant visit, the participants were acquainted with the production cycle and the environmental policy of the company, aimed at keeping the integrity of karst formations and the protection of biodiversity in karst regions.

The Travelling School of Karst is part of the ProKARSTerra-Edu specialized educational strategy developed by the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology at NIGGG-BAS in international cooperation and with the support of UNESCO.

Participants in the project are teachers and students with a declared interest in karst from Bulgaria and partner countries. The program of the travelling school includes visits to protected natural and cultural-historical sites where participants have the opportunity to learn about various karst forms: caves, surface karst complexes, plateaus, karst springs, marshes, etc. The organized lectures, discussions, work with research facilities, measurements, analyzes, and field experiments help create rich and lasting knowledge of the origin and nature of the karst, protected karst areas and their

Zlatna Panega Cement AD will continue to support the next editions of the project as well as other karst related educational and research initiatives of NIGGG-BAS.

The participants make experiments on terrain
Outdoor karst lecture
Zlatna Panega river visit

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