TITAN Zlatna Panega wins a gold award in the competition "The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria"


TITAN Zlatna Panega AD won a gold award in the competition "The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria". The prestigious first prize in the category "Industry and Manufacturing Sector" was awarded to TITAN for the company's responsibility to follow a sustainable business model of work and development over the years.

Stepping only the highest standards of itself, the company responds to today's challenges of building a better future. The recognition deservedly comes after the introduction of programs to reduce environmental impact in various of TITAN's activities. "Cement is an important product for modern civilization, as it is necessary for affordable housing, roads and bridges, dams and windmills. However, we have the responsibility to make the construction industry more sustainable by changing our design, processes and products. " said Adamantios Frantzis, Director General of TITAN Bulgaria.

TITAN Zlatna Panega developed a detailed decarbonization plan that covers all aspects of its activities – trade, production, maintenance, investment, finance and communication. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the company's roadmap includes several measures such as optimizing production and energy efficiency, developing new products with a lower carbon footprint, using lower-emission fuels and raw materials, and improving communications to achieve greater awareness and team engagement.

TITAN Zlatna Panega achieves impressive results in terms of its resource efficiency. In 2022, it replaces nearly 50% of the fuels used in its production with alternative ones. The implementation of a water management programme is also of great importance and helps to reduce specific water consumption by 33% per tonne of product produced.

TITAN Zlatna Panega develops a broad program to build sustainable local communities. “Driven by our understanding of knowledge and experience sharing, we have built long-standing partnerships with educational institutions in the region. We support the formation of values and interest in the younger generation and focus their attention on climate change. I believe that this is how we contribute to their development into vigilant and responsible citizens." commented Ekaterina Shiligarska, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection Manager.

The competition "The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria" of b2b Media honours the greenest companies operating in Bulgaria for the 13th consecutive year. Companies that have participated so far exceed 900. All of them take into account the achievement of "green" goals and the implementation of sustainable corporate strategies.



The TITAN Group is a world leader in cement production with 118 years of industry experience, leading over 40 companies and owning a total of 14 cement plants, 72 quarries, and 128 concrete centres in 10 countries with different locations - Greece, Southeast Europe, USA, South America and the Eastern Mediterranean. With an annual capacity of 27 million tonnes of cement and cementitious materials, the Group serves customers in over 25 markets.

Zlatna Panega Cement AD is part of the TITAN Group family and is one of the main producers of quality cement in Bulgaria. The company has concrete plants in four cities and, together with other companies, has 12 quarries for sand, gravel and crushed stone.

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