TITAN Bulgaria Volunteers Become The Face of Climate Change


On April 26, 2013, TITAN Bulgaria organized a voluntary cleaning initiative which covered roads E83 and 103, the surroundings of our cement plant in Zlatna Panega and the Glava Panega protected area.

The initiative drew in 82 volunteers – TITAN Bulgaria employees and employees of companies operating at the cement plant. The volunteers separated all collected waste into combustible (paper, plastic, packages and textile) and non-combustible (glass, construction waste and metal). They collected 1,200 tons of combustible waste which was transported to the installation for mechanical pre-treatment of waste at the cement plant where it was processed to alternative fuel for the kilns for clinker production.The initiative and the way the collected waste was utilized contributed to lower consumption of non-renewable conventional fuels and thus to a cleaner environment.

Photos of our activists were uploaded on the Earth Day website (http://www.earthday.org/2013/) to become part of a global online picture wall called The Face of Climate Change including photos from all corners of the world: Beijing, Cairo, Melbourne, Johannesburg, London, New York, etc.

Earth Day 2013 was specifically dedicated to the faces of climate change. It was an appeal to every person, every nation, every government and every business to protect the planet, our home; to minimize the negative impact of climate change on the people, the animals, and the environment; to focus on sustainable development; and to invest in green technology. Anyone contributing to solving the problem is a face of climate change: entrepreneurs seeing a way of build a new, greener economy; activists organizing campaigns to raise public awareness; engineers inventing clean technology to change our future; state officials enforcing climate change mitigation laws; and ordinary people committed to sustainable living.

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