TITAN Bulgaria Donates Cement for 30 New Family Houses in the Village of Bisser


TITAN Bulgaria donates cement for 30 new family houses in the village of Bisser

In the light of TITAN Bulgaria’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy the company has joined the Donation Campaign "Bulgaria is with you". With the funds raised from the campaign and the additional donations made by several large Bulgarian companies, 30 new family houses were built in the village of Bisser and completed on schedule by October 2012. The houses allowed the families hit the hardest by the devastating floods of the 6thof February 2012 to spend this winter and the Christmas and New Year holidays in their new homes with an area between 85 and 105 m2.

TITAN Bulgaria participated in the campaign by donating the cement required to build all 30 houses worth about 200 000 BGN. The funds raised by the campaign "Bulgaria is with you" as well as the additional donations were included in a general fund, managed by the Bulgarian Red Cross.

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