Students from Teteven and Yablanitsa participated in the Safety Driving campaign of TITAN Zlatna Panega called "Drive Carefully. Arrive Safely."


The campaign focuses on key rules for safe driving and supports future drivers

Students from two schools - the National Professional High School of Forestry and Woodworking "Sava Mladenov" in Teteven and Secondary School "Vasil Levski" in Yablanitsa, took part in the Safety Driving campaign of TITAN Zlatna Panega. The campaign, named "Drive Carefully. Arrive Safely," emphasizes key rules for safe driving and supports future drivers in their professional development.

The high school students had the opportunity to participate in the first initiative of the "Drive Carefully. Arrive Safely" campaign, which was implemented with the assistance of Safety Driving Academy Ltd., founded by the eight-time rally champion of Bulgaria, Dimitar Iliev. For many years, he has led his driving school, where thousands of drivers have improved their skills.

Within one day, the students went through various simulators and experienced various stressful situations on the road, such as car rollovers and frontal collisions. The 17-year-old students received important lessons on proper behavior and attitude on the road. Under the guidance of experts from Dimitar Iliev's team, the students not only experienced the feeling during crises but also realized the importance of wearing seat belts in both the front and rear seats. The future young drivers also tested the frontal collision simulator, which recreated the force of the so-called "whiplash impact."

"We are delighted to be part of the TITAN Zlatna Panega campaign and contribute to improving the safety of employees and young people who are yet to become drivers. The goal of the simulators is to demonstrate that while accidents cannot be completely avoided, it is possible to prevent their fatal consequences by taking all necessary precautions” - commented the team of of Dimitar Iliev’s experts.

The joint initiative with the Safety Driving Academy is just beginning the extensive "Drive Carefully, Arrive Safely" campaign of TITAN Zlatna Panega. By the end of the year, a series of initiatives are planned within it to focus employees' attention on the importance of road safety.

"Health and safety are the top priorities of the company, which is why it's no coincidence that we decided to dedicate the year 2024 to Road Safety. In addition to caring for its employees and subcontractors, TITAN Zlatna Panega supports and motivates young people by annually contributing to the development of the area where the plant is located. The “Drive Carefully, Arrive Safely” campaign aims to show that road safety is important for everyone, whether driving a heavy truck, a car, or simply crossing a pedestrian path. Each of us bears, regardless of age and profession, bears responsibility for our own lives and those of others," said Milen Stanev, Plant Manager of TITAN Zlatna Panega.

TITAN Zlatna Panega is committed to supporting young people in Bulgaria and offers them a range of opportunities for development, gaining practical experience, and enhancing theoretical knowledge and skills. The company is committed in the long term to improving its procedures and practices to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Its efforts for safety go beyond legal requirements and are based on its desire and commitment to prevention and safe execution of every activity, regardless of its priority. TITAN Zlatna Panega actively supports the training of its employees on topics such as safety and risk prevention, applying the best practices in the industry.

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