SEE Sustainability Meeting in TITAN Bulgaria


On 2nd and 3rd November 2016, TITAN Bulgaria hosted a Sustainability meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives from both - TITAN Group and TITAN Bulgaria. The Group was represented by Mr. Yianni Paniaras, Executive Director TITAN Greece and Group Corporate Affairs Director, Mr. Christos Panagopoulos, Executive Director for Turkey and Bulgaria, Mrs. Maria Alexiou, Group Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager and Mrs. Lydia Yiannskopoulou, Group Corporate Communications Senior Manager. From TITAN Bulgaria the event was attended by Mr. Alexander Chakmakov, General Manager, Mr. Milen Stanoev, Plant Manager, Mrs. Ventsislava Kyuleva, HR Manager and Mrs. Luba Nikiforova, CSR Liaison Delegate.

On the first day, the event took place at TITAN Bulgaria’s office in Sofia. It started with a Sustainability management review of the Business Unit followed by a presentation of the Materiality assessment outcomes of TITAN Bulgaria and the alignment of the company’s strategic goals and priorities with the UN Sustainability Development Goals, Agenda 2030. Furthermore, the Business Unit presented best practices and new initiatives in the Bulgarian Corporate Social Responsibility program, indicatively: the partnership with Teach for All – Bulgaria Foundation, the BU’s contribution to the European Pact for Youth and the Adopt the River initiative. Finally, there were discussions on the new Group Policies – Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy, Sanctions Policy, Competition Compliance Policy and Human Rights Policy - and important Group communication issues.
The second day of the meeting was mainly devoted to a tour of the cement plant and quarry in the village of Zlatna Panega. The program was complemented by a visit to the school in the Brestnitsa village where the representatives of TITAN Group could gather field impressions of the results of the three-year partnership between TITAN Bulgaria and Teach for All - Bulgaria.

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