Relocation of Protected Orchid Species (Spiranthes spyralis)


In connection with Titan Group Strategy on the Corporate Social Responsibilities and following company’s policy and Plan on protection and enhancement of biodiversity in the area, Zlatna Panega Management undertook some activities for protection of local flora species (orchid species), having a status of protected species endangered by demolishing of its habitat - Spiranthes spyralis.

Decision was made the specimens of Spiranthes spyralis, situated in the areas, in the existing Zlatna Panega Quarry, further assigned to be exploited, to be moved to other places, with suitable conditions, where further activities are not planned.

Following this Zlatna Panega employees were invited to participate in the orchid relocation, which took place on 30th of November 2011. About 20 people of Zlatna Panega staff took part in the relocation.

Volunteers were divided into two groups. Each of the groups went through two routes, where species were registered. Each person was equipped with tool, with which to pull out the orchids, without harming the roots, after that put the orchids in bags and planted them at the designated places.

Orchid relocation was managed by an orchid specialist from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and supervised by an expert from Regional Inspectorate on Environment and Water.

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