Pupils from the Zlatna Panega village make a film on ecological issues


Pupils from the Zlatna Panega village made a film on ecological issues supported by Zlatna Panega Cement AD and a karst specialist from BAS. The film is a product of the pupils' participation in the „School Miracles” project. In this project, the participants choose an issue of importance to the local community and work to create solutions for this issue. The team of pupils from Zlatna Panega chose to address the issue of the clean drinking water in their village and the role of each member of the local community in its preservation.

To support the students in their initiative, the company introduced the project organizers with a karst specialist at NIGGG-BAS. The expert organized a tour tracking the water flow, where he acquainted the participants with the formation of rocks in their village, told them about the underground tunnels and karst waters and how they are related to the water they are drinking.

As a result of the training, the students learned that the waste dumped on the ground pollutes the groundwater that flows into the Glava Panega spring, which is a source of drinking water for the village of Zlatna Panega. They organized a waste cleaning campaign and, in their educational eco film, called for local people to follow their example - to clean the place where they live and not to contaminate it because they pollute the water they drink themselves.

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