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On November 3rd, our plant had the honour of hosting Mr. Cobus, the Group CEO, and Mr. Paniaras, the Group Executive Director for Europe and Sustainability. The purpose of their visit was toseeour new Alternative Fuel installation in operation, which represents one of the most significant Group investments of the past year. The project's scope is to increase our plant's capacity to utilise alternative fuels, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of our processes. With this new installation, we will be able to utilize 70% alternative fuels, resulting in a 10% decrease in net CO2 emissions.

During the visit, Milen Stanoev, the Plant Manager, and GAEA CEO, presented the new installation along with the major technical projects of the plant. Katya Shilegarska, the Sustainability and Environmental Protection Manager, provided the management team with insights into our Green Growth projects, including advancements in solar plant installations and the use of new materials in our industry.

The intensive day concluded with a market presentation by Diyana Todorova. New Growth projects and initiatives were presented by Teodora Peneva for RMC and by Dimitrinka Grinko-Kapanaki and Toma Lenkov for Cement. Mr. Frantzis, General Manager of TITAN Bulgaria, shared sales transformation initiatives aimed at delivering a new level of service to our clients to complement the quality products we offer.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us by the Group Management. We take pride in all our colleagues' hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm in driving these Growth initiatives forward!

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