TITAN unveils new visual identity, in line with company ambitions, purpose, and values


ΤΙΤΑΝ Group has unveiled its refreshed logo, which portrays the Group’s purpose to make the world a safe, sustainable, and enjoyable place to live. It also reflects its Green Growth strategy.

After almost 25 years, TITAN refreshes its logo. This change reflects where the company stands today and where it is headed, in a more dynamic, energetic, and in tune with the times way. With its globe-shaped emblem and new color palette, TITAN’s refreshed logo illustrates the Group’s strong commitment to sustainability and transition to greener operations, products, and solutions. With its modern design, the refreshed logo also stands for TITAN’s international presence, promise to create value for all its stakeholders, thirst for innovation, and determination to grow. At the same time, staying close to the design of the previous logo, it still carries the Group’s history.

The newly introduced baseline “Building a better world together” expresses distinctly the Group’s purpose and mission. It encapsulates its role as a driving force in our industry, its ardent passion to always become better, its strong contribution to tackling today’s social and environmental challenges, and its willingness and ability to connect people.

In line with the Group logo, TITAN Zlatna Panega is also refreshing its logo, which will be deployed in all its operations by the middle of 2025.

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