Life Saving Action for Wildlife Protection


In the bird nesting season, there is a risk for the little chicks to fall out of the bird nest during storms, strong wind or rainfall. This June, more than 20 baby swallows were found by TITAN Bulgaria employees next to the clinker silo at our cement plant in Zlatna Panega. Following a consultation with a veterinary physician from Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre in Stara Zagora and biodiversity experts from the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Pleven, the little swallows were given water with a pipette and put in the nearest swallow nests.

The best thing for distressed little fellows like the ones we found is placing them back in their nest as soon as possible. In case the nest is inaccessible or has been destroyed and there are no other nests around, the chicks should be placed in a cardboard box with a soft lining, given water with a pipette through their nostrils, and fed with raw unsalted meat cut in tiny pieces.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre looks after wild animals until they reach maturity and then releases them back into the wild. Animals in distress can be transported to the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre by any bus that stops at Stara Zagora Bus Station from where the rescue team on duty will pick them up. Contact details are available

In the summer of 2013, two baby pigeons were found and rescued by TITAN Bulgaria employees who moved them to the nearest place that could be accessed by the mother pigeon. In addition, TITAN Bulgaria supplied a mobile elevating work platform to help move the birds nesting at the abandoned House of Culture in Zlatna Panega to another location prior to a scheduled demolition of the building.

Wild animals in distress should never be bypassed because there is a system for saving them and it really works. Only a little effort is required.

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