Eco Conference for World Water Day


On March 21, 2014, the Sergey Rumyantsev Vocational High School of Agriculture in the town of Lukovit (Lovech region) hosted an Eco Conference organized by the Director of the school, Mrs. Rumyana Georgieva.

The Eco Conference was dedicated to the preservation of water habitats and sustainable use of water resources. It was part of a series of environmental activities aimed at preserving biodiversity along the Zlatna Panega River and raising awareness of local environmental issues among the local population as part of the Adoption of the Zlatna Panega River project.

Experts from the Nature Department of Pleven’s Regional Museum of History, Zlatna Panega Cement AD, and Old Otters Fishing Club acquainted the participants in the conference with the bioindicators of the purity of water, the importance of preserving the water resources and also with sustainable fishing tourism and the damage to human health and the environment caused by the irresponsible disposal and burning of waste. The pupils discussed local problems they had pinned to the Tree of Ideas and offered various solutions. They also displayed photographs, read out essays, and recited poems inspired by the Zlatna Panega River, which cuts through their dear hometown.

The conference was also attended by a group of Zlatna Panega Cement AD managers, led by Mr. Constantinos Nikolaou, Director of the Zlatna Panega Cement plant, and also by Mr. Peter Chervenliev, Director of the Wienerberger building materials plant, Mrs. Ivanichka Burovska, Senior Natural Sciences and Ecology Expert at the Lovech Regional Inspectorate of Education, Mr. Ivaylo Ivanov, Environmental Expert at Lukovit Municipality, and Mr. Harizan Marinov, a local healthcare mediator, member of the National Network of Healthcare Mediators.

The Tree of Ideas was first installed at the Zlatna Panega Cement plant, then it was transferred to the Sergey Rumyantsev Vocational High School of Agriculture, and now it is at the Hristo Botev Primary School in the village of Brestnitsa (Lovech region). It serves as a forum for the Adoption of the Zlatna Panega River project, which was launched in cooperation with 17 partners in June 2013 as part of TITAN Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

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