TITAN Bulgaria supports the organization of the Northwestern Motocross Championship 2021.


TITAN Bulgaria annually supports and helps the development of the area where Zlatna Panega Cement plant is located. Our focus is on the support of sports clubs and initiatives, which we hope will help keep young people in the region. We believe that strengthening traditions in sports helps build a healthy lifestyle, cultivates perseverance in young people, will and discipline, creates new friendships and a cohesive community.

In 1988 the Yablanitsa motorcycle club was established. In 1990 the first track in Bulgaria was made for stadium-cross - Prelog ", with a length of 1300 m. Although over the years the club has been closed, the interest in sports has not abated. And so in 2019 a group of enthusiasts resumed motorcycle sports in the town of Yablanitsa and created MSK "Yablanitsa MX".

This year TITAN Bulgaria supported the organization of the Northwestern Bulgarian Motocross Championship, hosted by MSK Yablanitsa MX. The competition took place on July 3-4, 2021. As part of our commitment to the community, in 2020 the company donated 200 tons of a fraction of recycled concrete, which was used to renovate the road to the Prelog route.

Club "Yablanitsa MX" did admirably and managed to win several of the top places in the competition:

Class MX85 - Danail Stefanov (I place)

Class MX65 - Alexander Tsvetkov (I place)

Mario Georgiev (III place)

Class MX3 450 - Lubomir Lazarov (II place)

TITAN Bulgaria congratulates the winners of the Northwestern Motocross Championship 2021!

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