Conference "Business and Regions"


On June 21, 2019, Friday at 9:00 am in Hilton Hotel, Sofia, was held a conference “Business and Regions”, organized by “Economist” Magazine and the Bulgarian Industrial Association. The event was opened by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev. The event’s main aim was to demonstrate how big businesses contribute to the sustainable development of the regions in Bulgaria, their impact on the development of small businesses in the regions and their importance for the existence of many small villages. It also included both economic and social aspects as well as community-related initiatives. Further, good practices and solutions were presented across different regions. An analysis of the regional profiles was presented by the Executive Director of the Institute for Market Economy, Svetla Kostadinova, while the topic of sustainable development was introduced by Boyan Rashev, Managing Partner of Denkstatt Bulgaria. Executive managers of big industrial companies such as “Auribus”, “Assarel-Medet JSC”, “Lidl”, “Zlatna Panega Cement”, “Lukoil Neftohim Burgas AD”, “Dundee Precious Metals”, “KCM”, “Albena”, “Ideal Standard – Vidima AD” and others participated in the panel discussions.

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