TITAN Bulgaria participates for the second year in Hobelix’s Leaders Summer Academy


We at TITAN Bulgaria support the motivation and assistance of young people in their first steps on career path. That is why we support youth initiatives such as those of Hobelix. During the Leaders Summer Academy project, the participants face the world of architecture and construction, while gathering knowledge, acquiring skills and having fun.

The goal – to meet business and education directly on the construction site

The event took place on July 2-4 in the town of Gabrovo. Pupils and students between the ages of 16 and 20 from all over the country gathered to meet with more than 20 experts from proven companies in the construction sector, who shared their knowledge and experience. The participants were divided into 16 teams of 5-6 people. The youths faced practical tasks, each of which had to be completed within an hour. Thus, they gained experience in laying paving, construction of roof and wall insulation, grouting, as well as installation and dismantling of formwork scaffolding, preparation and work with concrete mixtures. They also learned to work as a team, make new connections and good friendships.

Representatives of TITAN Bulgaria were Milen Stanoev - Plant Manager of Zlatna Panega Cement, Anna Acheva - Civil Engineer and Daniel Tsvetkov - Maintenance Manager.

This year Milen Stanoev was a speaker at the event again. He introduced the participants with the path of TITAN Bulgaria to success - both the difficulties and the achievements of the company. The participants rated his presentation on how to produce cement with one of the highest marks, describing it as interesting and creative.

"All the mentors presented interesting and certainly useful information, but some presented it unamusingly. When the performance is more exciting (example – the presentation of Milen Stanoev), even something that I did not find interesting before, managed to arouse my interest.

(participant in the Leaders Summer Academy)

Eng. Anna Acheva participated as a mentor of the youths. She helped them during the tasks, giving them advices and providing knowledge from her experience in the construction sector. The young people took her guidance carefully and completed their missions cohesive and inspired.

“Absolutely perfect. I `m not joking. They were always there, they always knew how to react, they always supported us and they were not there just for the race. Personally, I find them to be very intelligent people who understand their work and it is no coincidence that they were, are, and hopefully, will remain mentors in the future. Something else, they made us work as a team, something that is extremely important. During these two days I understood the essence and importance of teamwork. Thank you very much for the opportunity and for taking your FB and Instagram.

(participant from the Summer Academy Leaders)

Veterans from last season of the Leaders Summer Academy, whose mentor was Eng. Anna Acheva, had a project to build an art bench of reinforced concrete and wood with a green plant. For this purpose they used TITAN Bulgaria’s cement. The young people coped with the task with the concentration of professionals, while having fun. The bench was built right next to last year's installation, a statue of two human figures that symbolizes the need to communicate during pandemic.

The participants closed the event outside with a folk dance, led by our engineer Anna Acheva. Later, the young people gathered to receive gifts from all Hobelix’s partner companies. 3 teams of 6 people were chosen as winners.

This is the fourth event in which TITAN Bulgaria and Hobelix cooperate successfully. The previous partnerships were in Season 5 of the Leaders Academy in March 2021, Leaders Summer Academy in September 2020 and Season 1 in July 2017.

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