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The first cement in Bulgaria was manufactured in the village of Zlatna Panega in1907. An Italian company built a small cement factory next to the river, which operated until 1923. The cement was of good quality and was used in the construction of the Sofia Market Hall, the port of Varna, St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral and many others. Between 1923 and 1947 the company produced hydraulic lime.

Following the nationalization the company expanded its activities and started manufacturing cement brands 150 and 200. In 1966 the factory was closed and 5 new cement lines were commissioned on the present territory of Zlatna Panega Cement. After the 1998 privatization the plant was acquired by Heidelberg Cement and in 2004 it was sold to Titan.

Titan modernized the plant with current investments exceeding EUR 86 million for enhancing the operating efficiency and reducing the harmful impact on the environment. Improvements include the replacement of an old kiln, upgrading one of the functioning kilns, installing new hybrid filters on both kilns, commissioning a new vertical mill, new packaging and palletizing machines, a new clinker silo, replacement of the old water piping system, construction of a water treatment plant, replacement of all old filters.


In 1902 the Canellopoulos family opened the first cement plan tin South eastern Europe in Elefsina, Greece and in 1911 the company became officially known as TITAN Cement S.A. In 1912 it was listed on the stock exchange. Since 1962 Titan Cement S.A., which is the parent company of the Titan Cement Group, has been expanding its cement production activities beyond the Greek borders by acquiring existing or opening new cement and concrete manufacturing plants and cement distribution terminals and quarries throughout the world – Greece, Egypt, USA, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Turkey. Today the Titan Cement Group is the major cement manufacturer in Greece.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For more than a century Titan has reached to the conclusion that the business needs the society just as much as the society needs the business. Obtaining and sustaining the public approval to operate in the local communities that maintain our production and that are in turn affected by this production require consciousness and constant efforts.

Biological diversity

The basic materials in the production of cement are lime, gypsum, marl, etc. In order to obtain the necessary raw materials Zlatna Panega Cement has concessions for two quarries – Zlatna Panega and Koritna.