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Titan is a leading international manufacturer of building materials. The Titan Group incorporates more than 40 companies involved in the production of a wide range of materials – from inert materials to various types of grey cement, white cement, concrete, dry construction mixes, fly ash, etc. Other activities include road transport, shipment with specialized marine vessels owned by the company and the related logistic services. The company owns 13 cement plants in Southeastern Europe, USA and the Eastern Mediterranean with current overall output of more than 17 million tons. The Group also operates cement distribution depots in Egypt, Italy, France, UK and USA. As a result of exports all Titan products have been certified by the official national organizations in the majority of EU member states including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. The company has gained the reputation of a manufacturer of high quality certified materials in the constantly expanding European and North American markets.

Since its incorporation Titan has as certained itself in the cement industry by carefully combining technical and business skills, by emphasizing on environmental issues, on HR upgrading, on accident-free operation and social care for the employees and their families.

Titan’s business achievements and good standing come from the implementation of the best known production technologies and distribution methods, from systematic research and constantly evolving know-how, from the highly qualified specialists.

The company is a member of the European Initiative for Corporate Social Responsibility a major member of the WBCSD and is among the first enterprises to sign and support the Global Compact Pledge of the United Nations.

The Titan Group has been in Bulgaria for more than 10 years and has invested more than EUR 86 million in modernizations.

Zlatna Panega Cement is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality cement in Bulgaria. The company operates ready mix units in three major cities planning to enter other locations and is also looking for new gravel and sand quarries. Success is vested in the best existing production technologies used and in know-how. The activities of Zlatna Panega Cement improve the living standard in the region at the same time supporting social and cultural initiatives and preserving the environment.