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People are central to everything we do. It is through their efforts and their talent that TITAN Bulgaria has been successfully operating for near a decade. At TITAN Bulgaria we share a genuine interest in people and society. Therefore employment in our company is characterized by a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, directly reflecting our corporate values and principles.

The essence of corporate social responsibility, one of our core corporate values, is highlighted in TITAN Bulgaria. Therefore our people are engaged in adding value to the company as well as to the society as a whole and are all bound by the same value of continuous improvement.

Health and safety at work as well as employees’ well-being is an essential company priority for TITAN Bulgaria. We systematically invest in our people, in order to prepare them for dealing with the everyday challenges. So, by joining TITAN Bulgaria you do not only join a leading company in the building materials industry but also a company with strong commitment to the development of its people.

We at TITAN Bulgaria need smart, motivated and dedicated people to maintain and increase our industry presence. If you believe your are the person we need, please send us your CV and fill in our online application form.

Social footprint

TITAN Bulgaria has a long history of engaging with local communities in a spirit of honesty, mutual trust and partnership.

We strive to serve our communities as an active and concerned corporate citizen because we realize we are responsible to future generations.