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SEE Sustainability Meeting in TITAN Bulgaria

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Integrated report 2017

TITAN Bulgaria's second Integrated Annual Report shows the Company's business performance in a complete and balanced way responding to the expectations of shareholders and key stakeholders.

Integrated report 2014

May 2014 marked the 10th year since TITAN Zlatna Panega Cement AD joined the TITAN Group. This anniversary is the right occasion to present the first comprehensive Integrated Annual Report of Zlatna Panega Cement AD.

08.11.2016SEE Sustainability Meeting in TITAN Bulgaria
SEE Sustainability Meeting in TITAN Bulgaria

On November 2 and 3, 2016, a Sustainability meeting was hosted by TITAN Bulgaria. The meeting was attended by representatives from both - TITAN Group and TITAN Bulgaria. The Group was represented by Mr. Yianni Paniaras, Executive Director TITAN Greece and Group Corporate Affairs Director, Mr. Christos Panagopoulos, Executive Director for Turkey and Bulgaria, Mrs. Maria Alexiou, Group Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager and Mrs. Lydia Yiannskopoulou, Group Corporate Communications Senior Manager. From TITAN Bulgaria the event was attended by Mr. Alexander Chakmakov, General Manager, Mr. Milen Stanoev, Plant Manager, Mrs. Ventsislava Kyuleva, HR Manager and Mrs. Luba Nikiforova, CSR Liaison Delegate.

The first day of the event took place at TITAN Bulgaria’s office in Sofia. It started with a Sustainability management review of the Business Unit followed by a presentation of the Materiality assessment outcomes of TITAN Bulgaria and the alignment of the company’s strategic goals and priorities with the UN Sustainability Development Goals, Agenda 2030. Furthermore, the Business Unit presented best practices and new initiatives in the Bulgarian Corporate Social Responsibility program, indicatively: the partnership with Teach for All – Bulgaria Foundation, the BU’s contribution to the European Pact for Youth and the Adopt the River initiative. Finally, there were discussions on the new Group policies – Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy, Sanctions Policy, Competition Compliance Policy and Human Rights Policy - and important Group communication issues.

The second day of the meeting was mainly devoted to a tour of the cement plant and quarry in the village of Zlatna Panega. The program was complemented by a visit to the school in the Brestnitsa village where the representatives of TITAN Group could gather field impressions of the results of the three-year partnership between TITAN Bulgaria and Teach for All - Bulgaria.

12.09.2016A Theatre Play in Yablanitsa
A Theatre Play in Yablanitsa

On the 30th of May, 2016, at the invitation of Zlatna Panega Cement JSC the community center in the town of Yablanitsa was host to the Golemanov theatre play presented by the Melpomena theatre group from Sofia. The guest actors - namely Lyubomir Neikov, Elena Petrova, Miroslav Kosev, Maria Statulova, Stefan Ryadkov and Svetlana Bonin - were warmly welcomed by the excited audience. The Golemanov play, which sharply ridicules the Bulgarian political society, is the most loved work of the prominent Bulgarian comediograph Stefan L. Kostov. This event is a part of the cultural programme of Zlatna Panega Cement JSCo for its employees and their families.

The transformation of Lybo Neikov in the grotesque image of Golemanov – the political candidate obsessed by the desire to reach a ministerial position, brought the audience of the crowded hall to their feet and made them laugh to tears. At the end of the play, the performers received a basket of flowers and bouquets. The audience met their curtain call with roaring applause. Before heading for the free transportation to their homes provided by Zlatna Panega JSCo, the employees and their families expressed their excitement and eagerness for the next cultural event organized by the company.

23.08.2016The First of June - A Magical Day for the Children in Yablanitsa
The First of June - A Magical Day for the Children in Yablanitsa

This year on the 1st of June was organized a special Children's Day in the municipality of Yablanitsa on initiative of Zlatna Panega Cement JSC. The celebration on this occasion in the kindergarten “Rayna Knyaginya” in the town of Yablanitsa was attended by children from Yablanitsa and the villages of Zlatna Panega, Brestnitsa and Dobrevtsi. То meet them was invited Milena Dimova - journalist and author of books for children, known as the Fairy of tales among young readers. The children’s literature writer took the kids on a journey into the magical world of fairy tales by presenting her book “Visiting the rainbow” with an artistic performance. The children learned about the power of colours and the magic Colour boy who lived in the heart of the rainbow and did wonders for those who believed in them. They also performed magic at the end of the show when together with the writer they sent the following message to the World of Fairy Tales: "We believe in miracles because we know them!"

The small readers met for the first time an author, learned how stories are born and were promised to be visited again by Milena Dimova in September when she would tell them about the good food with her tale ”The Greedy Boy”.

Titan Bulgaria and the author will continue bringing magic to the children in other future events. Milena Dimova will plant with the kids flower gardens and small vegetable plantations to show them that anything which is created and brought up with love, is destined to succeed over time.

At the end, to keep the memory of the wonderful day, the writer gave each child one of her books, funds for which were donated by the Zlatna Panega Cement JSC. Excited and happy to meet Milena Dimova were not only the children but also their teachers and parents. The oldest kindergarten teacher in the town – Mrs. Davidova surprised the author pleasantly with her gift - a huge bouquet of fragrant peonies picked from her own garden and given with gratitude and faith that the Fairy of Tales will again visit Yablanitsa.

23.08.2016Zlatna Panega River Fish Stocking
Zlatna Panega River Fish Stocking

On the 28th of April 28, 2016, in the spirit of last year’s initiative of Zlatna Panega Cement JSC and Fisher Club “The Old Otters”, was held Zlatna Panega River fish stocking which was conducted by volunteers of the fisher club.

Ten thousand baby fish of the valuable and endangered Balkan trout (Salmo trutta fario) species were released into the river. The fish were raised and bought from Trout Farm “Toshkov Chark” in the town of Batak. They were transported to Zlatna Panega River in plastic bags with oxygen. After tempering (placing the bags in still water to achieve a gradual change in temperature), the displacement of the fish was carried out in the afternoon by two teams. The origin of the planted fish is guaranteed by a Declaration of origin for aquaculture products.

The representatives of Fisher Club “The Old Otters” expressed their gratitude for the sponsorship provided by Zlatna Panega Cement JSC and appealed to all anglers to put back the fish caught and care about the cleanliness of the river.

23.08.2016Project “The Change Begins from Us”
Project “The Change Begins from Us”

In April 2016 the project “The Change Begins from Us” was successfully completed. It was jointly developed and implemented by the Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation in partnership with C.E.G.A. Foundation (NGO specialized in Roma integration projects) with the active support of Zlatna Panega Cement JSC. The project received grant funding through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. Main objectives of the project were promoting active citizenship, volunteering and participation of young people in activities of social value.

To meet these goals, youths with leadership qualities from the Oreshene, Zlatna Panega and Brestnitsa villages in Yablanitsa Municipality were selected. They formed three action groups (one group for each of the three villages). Each group had to discuss, select, plan and execute its own project idea which will affect positively a huge part of the local community. The participants have undergone various trainings, led by youth development experts, aiming to develop skills which allow them to work effectively in a team on projects in benefit of the community, to recruit more volunteers for their cause and to gain knowledge about public organisations and their role.

The project ideas developed by the youth groups were: building an outdoor fitness in the village of Oreshene, renovating the playground in the village of Zlatna Panega, cleaning, cultivating and fencing the park in Brestnitsa.

To complete their project, the initiative group and their volunteers in Oreshene village chose an appropriate area for the outdoor fitness, bought fitness facility after reviewing several offers, removed old equipment from the site, which was afterwards concreted and carpeted with extra sand donated by Zlatna Panega Cement JSC.
In Zlatna Panega village was purchased new equipment for the playground and the old one was repainted by the youths and the volunteers.

The park in Brestnitsa village was completely cleaned and cultivated. Fencing elements were purchased and installed. These projects met the approval and support of both - the mayors of the three villages and the informal groups in them.

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