TITAN Zlatna Panega organized a presentation on the topic of "Water, without which we cannot live! Water purification" for students from the region


At the end of March, to commemorate World Water Day (March 22), TITAN Zlatna Panega organized a presentation on the topic "Water, without which we cannot live! Water purification." 57 students and 8 teachers from four schools in the plant region attended the presentation. It included a tour of the wastewater treatment plant of the municipality of Yablanitsa and a demonstration of the problems related to water pollution. The students had the opportunity to gain new knowledge about the importance of water and to familiarize themselves with modern methods of water purification.

The presentation was attended by students from 3rd to 7th grade from the following schools: "Hristo Botev" Primary School in Rumyantsevo village, "Vasil Levski" Secondary School in Yablanitsa town, "Hristo Botev" Primary School in Brestnitsa village, and "Lyuben Karavelov" Primary School in Zlatna Panega village. Experts from TITAN Zlatna Panega demonstrated practically how water pollution spreads and what methods are used for its purification. In addition to explaining in detail why water is an invaluable resource and why it must be protected, the environmental experts from TITAN Zlatna Panega conducted an experiment with potassium permanganate to illustrate water pollution to the children. After the tour of the wastewater treatment plant, Raina Danova, WWTP Manager, demonstrated how water filtration works on-site at the laboratory of the wastewater treatment plant.

"We are proud to be part of the educational transformation and development of sustainable practices. We are delighted that our event received active participation from the students and their teachers. Their reaction and engagement are important steps towards shaping environmentally responsible behavior and attitudes towards nature. Our commitment continues, and we eagerly await future initiatives together with the people from the local communities," said the experts from TITAN Zlatna Panega.

TITAN Zlatna Panega is committed to supporting young people in the region in the long term, offering them various opportunities for development, gaining practical experience, and enhancing their theoretical knowledge and skills. In 2023, the company organized innovative lessons on the topic "Karst Beauties Around Us" for students from the region, which took place in the real environment of Lake Glava Zlatna Panega. The presentations on the topic "Water, without which we cannot live. Water purification" are yet another proof that the company actively supports this commitment and makes a significant contribution to imparting ecological knowledge and skills to the younger generations.

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