TITAN Group announces with great sadness the passing of Theodoros Papalexopoulos


With great sadness TITAN Cement Group has announced the passing of Theodoros Papalexopoulos, a truly emblematic figure of the Group for five decades. A natural leader, visionary and a caring person, he was one of the main architects of the values that are at the core of our Group today.

He served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and later as Advisor to the Group. During his term at TITAN, Theodoros Papalexopoulos also provided valuable services to society, industry and the economy - both nationally and at a European level. He served as the President of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises SEV, he was a founding member and Honorary President of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) as well as a founding member of ALBA Graduate Business School. At the same time, he was actively involved in the fields of culture and social contribution.

He was deeply aware of the enduring responsibility companies have towards society and he was a pioneer in establishing CSR in TITAN and in the wider business community.

He stood out in many aspects of societal action, creating institutions such as “Quality Islands” for the recognition of volunteerism, the "Citizens' Movement" for the awakening and active engagement of citizens and the program "FAOS - Creating a mentality for a lifetime" for the prevention of accidents at work and in schools. He also had a strong interest in preserving and promoting Greece’s cultural heritage, by contributing to, among other projects, the restoration of the Temple of Zeus in Nemea.

Let us always remember him, moving forward, as he never tired of reminding us, with a strong sense of self-reflection and self-improvement.

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