TITAN Bulgaria Takes Part in a Conference of the Basic Industries


Ms. Boryana Yotzova, Director of Concrete Operations Department, shared the experience of TITAN Bulgaria with the topic "Sustainable Concrete" in a conference entitled “Innovations for Competitiveness. The Basic Industries – a Drive for Growth”. The conference took place on 31 January 2018 in Sofia. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Association of the Metallurgical Industry (BAMI), The Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry (BCCI) and The Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (BFIEC). The conference is under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and is included in the Calendar of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The conference topics were dedicated to EU policies and priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency with impact on industry’s competitiveness: digital economy, high tech processes, circular economy, investments in new products and sustainable development.

The event kicked off with a speech by Emil Karanikolov, the Bulgarian Minister for the Economy. Mr. Eric Mamer, the EU Commission Director “Competitiveness and European Semester” also welcomed the participants.

The conference topics were organized in two panels. Speakers in the first panel were the general directors of the European branch organizations: the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), The European Association of Steel (Eurofer), the European Association of Non-ferrous Metals (Eurometaux) and the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (IFIEC).

In the second panel, representatives of leading companies of the Bulgarian basic industries shared best practices in the implementation innovative technology in the production of new products. Mrs. Boryana Yotzova from TITAN Bulgaria closed the panel with the presentation “Sustainable Concrete”.

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