TITAN Bulgaria Executes a Biodiversity Management Plan to Preserve Biodiversity in the Zlatna Panega Quarry


In 2018, TITAN Bulgaria finished successfully the execution of the 4-year Biodiversity Management Plan of the Zlatna Panega Quarry. The plan was developedin compliance with the WBCSD/CSI Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) Guidance (2014).

The preservation of biodiversity and the restoration of the ecosystems in the areas, where the company works are a key priority of Zlatna Panega Cement AD.Initiated in 2014, the Biodiversity Management Plan aims to safeguard the Zlatna Panega quarry's natural environment through the relocation of protected species of flora. Run by the Zlatna Panega quarry, the plan involves the collection of native seeds, their cultivation in a nursery and the biological reclamation of the degraded land. Other elements of the plan include controlling invasive alien and ruderal species, monitoring the area's flora and fauna, and establishing a database of indigenous flora. By monitoring the health of the Zlatna Panega quarry's flora and maintaining a database of native species, the Biodiversity Plan helps preserve the site's biodiversity for the future.

Because of its success in conserving the quarry's vibrant biodiversity and ecosystems during and after extraction, the plan was included in the Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) guidance drawn up by the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI). The guidance aims to be a practical resource for companies that are developing plans for biodiversity management at their own sites.

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