TITAN Bulgaria and Fisherman club “Stari Vidri” plant again the Zlatna Panega River with fishes


On May 8th, 2018, Zlatna Panega river was planted with fishes from the species Balkan trout (Salmo trutta fario). The Balkan trout is the most valuable and the most vulnerable species in the Bulgarian rivers and is typical for the Zlatna Panega River. Zlatna Panega Cement AD, in cooperation with the Fisherman club „Stari vidri”, started this initiative 4 years ago. The aim of the fish planting is to strengthen the natural population of the species and to support the sustainable development of the villages along the river by attracting tourists, fond of trout fishing.

TITAN purchased the small fishes from the Trout breeding farm “Toshkov chark”, Batak town. The planting of the fishes started from the village of Rumyantzevo and continued along the river. After the small fishes tempering (the bags with the fishes are being put in still water until the temperature of the fishes is adjusted to the water in the river), they were gently introduced in their new home. Children from the schools in Rumyantzevo and Zlatna Panega also took part in the planting of the fish.

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