The First of June - A Magical Day for the Children in Yablanitsa


This year, on the 1st of June, was organized a special Children's Day in the municipality of Yablanitsa on the initiative of Zlatna Panega Cement AD. The celebration on this occasion in the kindergarten “Rayna Knyaginya” in the town of Yablanitsa was attended by children from Yablanitsa and the villages of Zlatna Panega, Brestnitsa and Dobrevtsi. То meet them was invited Milena Dimova - journalist and author of books for children, known as the Fairy of tales among young readers. The children’s literature writer took the kids on a journey into the magical world of fairy tales by presenting her book “Visiting the rainbow” with an artistic performance. The children learned about the power of colours and the magic Colour boy who lived in the heart of the rainbow and did wonders for those who believed in them. They also performed magic at the end of the show sending together with the author the following message to the World of Fairy Tales: "We believe in miracles because we know them!"

The small readers met for the first time an author, learned how stories are born and were promised to be visited again by Milena Dimova in September when she would tell them about the good food with her tale ”The Greedy Boy”.

Titan Bulgaria and the author will continue bringing magic to the children in other future events. Milena Dimova will plant flower gardens and small vegetable plantations with the kids to show them that anything created and brought up with love, is destined to succeed over time.

At the end, to keep the memory of the wonderful day, the writer gave each child one of her books, funds for which were donated by the Zlatna Panega Cement AD. Excited and happy to meet Milena Dimova were not only the children but also their teachers and parents. The oldest kindergarten teacher in the town – Mrs. Davidova surprised the author pleasantly with her gift - a huge bouquet of fragrant peonies picked from her own garden and given with gratitude and faith that the Fairy of Tales will visit Yablanitsa again.

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