Participation in European Year Dedicated to Active Life of Adults and Solidarity between Generations - 2012 in Bulgaria


Zlatna Panega Cement AD has taken part in European year dedicated to the active life of adults and solidarity between generations – 2012, presenting its good practices in this field. Plant management policy is bonded with establishment and maintenance of proper working conditions for the eldest workers. The company takes measures to create good working places, meeting the requirements of safe and comfortable work.Statistical data show that till the end of October 2012 more than 10% of plant personnel is older than 55 years. The company relies on these workers as for the production issues, because they are more experienced, punctual in their daily activities, and can be good decision makers.The plant staff is being provided with specific trainings on health issues, involving different methods to prevent from numerous diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, eyesight, hearing, as well as certain ways to deal with thermoregulation. There is a corporative risk assessment procedure, in which contents also are assessed working places occupied by the eldest workers. Workers, who work with video displays, are provided with ergonomic working places.In result, there are no incidents happened with the eldest workers in the plant, despite the features of their job.

Zlatna Panega Cement AD has been awarded a Diploma and statuette for establishment and maintenance of proper working conditions for the eldest workers, as well as for company’s contribution to adjustment of working places to the necessities of the eldest workers, as increase their professional life in good health by this way. At the closing national conference as of December, 4th 2012, Totyu Mladenov the Minister of labour, awarded the company's representative - eng. Veselina Kirilova.

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