Global Water Tool for the Cement Sector Launched


Representatives from CSI member companies participated in the Business Leaders Forum of the Summit and demonstrated the newly launched Global Water Tool (GWT) for the Cement Sector to summit participants.

The tool integrates global data for groundwater, surface water, and precipitation. Once a site location is entered, the tool automatically identifies a water stress area and its biodiversity hotspots and will generate maps and charts of the company's operations. Using this tool is a crucial first step for companies striving to better manage their water use.

TheWBCSD GWTwas first launched by the WBCSD in 2007. Since then, more than 300 companies have used the tool to map their water use and assess their water risk by identifying geographic areas of water scarcity, and undue stress on water sources at a global scale. The tool has since been customized for two other business sectors (oil and gas and power utilities) and one global region (India). The commitment by CSI members to develop this tool demonstrates how companies are taking a risk-based approach to address this issue.

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