Birdwatching with Pupils in the Karlukovo Karst Region


In May 2017, TITAN Bulgaria organized a birdwatching event for the pupils, who participate in the ecological clubs in the schools of the Zlatna Panega and Rumyantsevo villages. Employees of the Environmental Protection Department of the company, Mr. Lubomir Profirov, Environmental Consultant „Ornithology and Protected Areas” and Ms. Antonia Dimovska, representative of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds also took part in the initiative. Before heading to the Prohodna cave in Karlukovo, Mr. Profirov introduced the students to the diversity of birds in Bulgaria, as well as the differences between males and females, through a presentation with rich photo material. For the children the walk in and around the Prohodna Cave was filled with a lot of excitement because of the beauty and the extraordinary variety of plant and animal species that this site offers. They had the opportunity to see 14 bird species. Of these, 8 species are in the Karlukovo karst area, which is a protected area under the Natura 2000 Birds Directive.

Wild birds observations are part of the various initiatives organized by the Environmental department of Zlatna Panega Cement AD aimed at raising environmental awareness amongst local communities. These initiatives are the surest and most sustainable approach to nurture care for the nature in young people and keep the beauty of the region.

Prohodna cave wild birds observation
Prohodna cave visit

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