Annual spring cleaning of the Zlatna Panega River

The General Manager, the plant manager and the financial director also participated in the cleaning

On 20 April 2018, TITAN Bulgaria held the annual spring cleaning of the Zlatna Panega river. The initiative is part of the “Adopt the Zlatna Panega River” project. This year, again, the campaign drew a lot of interest – more than 100 volunteers took part, including TITAN’s and its subcontractors’ employees (“Pepo 2000”, “Invest M”), fishermen from the “Old Otters” Fisher Club, students and teachers from the schools in the villages of Zlatna Panega, Oreshene, Brestnitsa and Rumyantsevo.

The participants were welcomed by Mr. Adamantios Frantzis, CEO of the company. He thanked them for participating in the initiative and reminded that the environmental protection is everybody’s responsibility in their everyday life.

All volunteers were divided into groups and each group was assigned one of the following areas to clean: the spring, bed and banks of the Zlatna Panega river; the school and the kindergarten in the village of Zlatna Panega; the park in the village of Rumyantsevo; the oak forest in the village of Brestnitsa; the vicinity of the plant. The company provided cleaning gloves, waste bags, bottles of mineral water and bus transport to the remote areas. The participants collected separately combustible and non-combustible waste. At the end, the combustible waste was transported to the cement plant to be utilized in the cement kilns.

Participants of all groups shared they really enjoyed making their environment cleaner and were satisfied with the visible results of their efforts. After the cleaning, all volunteers gathered for a festive lunch outdoor under the shadows of the tents, which were placed on the plant’s lawn for the occasion. Mr. Franzis personally congratulated and gave a gift to each of the students for the job well done and the positive example they gave in the region.

The pupils with their gifts from TITAN
The pupils from the Brestnitsa cleaning the oak forest
The pupils from the Dermantsi village
The company provided cleaning gloves for all participants
All participants
The participants from the Brestnitsa village collected the waste separately

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