A Theatre Play in Yablanitsa


On 30th May 2016, on the invitation of Zlatna Panega Cement AD the community center in the town of Yablanitsa was host to the Golemanov theater play presented by the Melpomena theater group of Sofia. The excited audience warmly welcomed the guest actors - namely Lyubomir Neikov, Elena Petrova, Miroslav Kosev, Maria Statulova, Stefan Ryadkov and Svetlana Bonin. The Golemanov play, which sharply ridicules the Bulgarian political society, is the most loved work of the prominent Bulgarian comediograph Stefan L. Kostov. This event is a part of the cultural program of Zlatna Panega Cement AD for its employees and their families.

The transformation of Lyubo Neikov in the grotesque image of Golemanov – the political candidate obsessed by the desire to reach a ministerial position, brought the audience of the crowded hall to their feet and made them laugh to tears. At the end of the play, the performers received a basket of flowers and bouquets. The audience met their curtain call with roaring applause. Before heading for the free transportation to their homes provided by Zlatna Panega AD, the employees and their families expressed their excitement and eagerness for the next cultural event organized by the company.

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