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CSR is the ethics a business uses for its relations with society. More specifically, CSR includes activities of the companyi n its relations with other stakeholders.

Although CSR is widely used globally, there is no commonly accepted definition due to the complex character of the meaning. The differences in the definition stem from differences in the culture, level of development and priorities that exist between different countries and regions.

Here are some of the best known local and international definitions of CSR:

CSR is a concept, which companies voluntarilyimplement in their business strategies in orderto demonstrate their long-term commitment to thesustainable development of their business,theenvironment and society."

(The Bulgarian CSR Business Network)

CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

(European Commission , Green Paper , 2001)

CSR is the continuous commitment of businesses for ethic behavior and contribution to economic development with simultaneous improvement of the quality of life of both their human recourses and their families and the local communities and the society as a whole.

(WBCSD Stakeholder Dialogue on CSR, The Netherlands, 1998)

In spite of the differences in the definitions,there arethree pointson which there is consent:

  • voluntary character– CSRincludes all activities that businesses implement beyond legislation;
  • close relationto the concept of sustainable development;
  • CSR should bea strategic choiceof the company and not simply a secondary temporary one.