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Sustainable development – a trend that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide with an expanding number of followers – is one of the main objectives of TITAN Bulgaria.

Our company is a leader in the implementation of new technologies, successfully combining economic growth with reduced consumption of fuels and electricity; controlled use of resources with reduced emissions of harmful substances and noise into the environment.

The use of non-recyclable or non-renewable waste materials in the cement production process is an indispensable part of the long-term operation of TITAN Bulgaria. We constantly aim at reducing the use of natural resources and lowering the levels of carbon dioxide emitted by our cement plant.

The ever increasing urge to care for the environment is the force behind the various initiatives we undertake to preserve, sustain and enrich the biological diversity in the region of our operations. In view of the rapidly depleting natural resources globally the future plans for developing our activities are focused on sustainable growth wholly reliant on renewable energy sources.

In its operation TITAN Bulgaria seeks to expand by carefully balancing between the individual aspects of sustainable development with the clear understanding that the efforts made today are efforts made for our future – demographic, cultural, social and economic.


We look for people who share our values; people who are motivated and wish to work and contribute to the success of the Group; people who care for others and who work well in a team.